I’m sorry guys!

I’ve been a bit busy lately and havent had the time to properly answer asks, when I got time I can only answer 2-3 (easy ones) directly from my phone!

I’ll try my best to catch up but, this weekend I might not be available at all, my birthday is coming and I booked a hotel for a small “pool party” with my girl-friends.

I’ll try to check up for kuro updates and Yana-sensei’s blog, but other than that I wont be able to do so.

I apologize!

Anonymous: Hola!. Te dejé un ask, ayer. Tumblr anduvo fallando bastante con respecto a los asks durante este mes; según estaban reportando otros blogs. Es verdad?.


tengo varios ask, pero no he tenido el tiempo suficiente para responderlos todos asi que no se si me han llegado todos!!

me llevara un poco mas de tiempo y realmente lamento mucho no contestarte!

Anonymous: How many episodes will Kuroshitsuji the book of circus?


~Book of Circus~ on Anime CUTiE Magazine (July 29, 2014)
verifiedotakuteen: I was just wondering... What is the difference between Blu-ray and DVD? OuO

The image quality is the only difference!

Anonymous: I made a Funimation account to watch the Book Of Circus episode out so far, but it won't let me watch it without subscribing. It offered a 14-day free trial, but you still have to enter credit card information so it can automatically subscribe you after. I haven't got the money to subscribe. What do I do?

I’m sorry darling, like I’ve said before, I cant access funimation from my country so, I have no means to help you out!

I’m sorry!

phantomhivefanatic: Iv'e been dying to know this, is there actually a Funtom's toy and confectionary company? If not that is a new life goal for me :3

I dont know, I dont think so……..

let me know if you do it I’ll buy everything lol!

goddesscodenemesis: Oh hello! I am wondering if you know where to get anime figures? like webistes so I DON'T GET RIPPED OFF ;-; since I am new to um ordering online everything @~@ ><

Anime figures in general I use:


hobby link japan

hobby search


all of them ship international and they are located in Japan, I’ve never had a problem with either!

amiami is cheaper sometimes!

hope this helped, by any means mail me again if you need more assistance!

Anonymous: I was wondering if there was a way to get a drawing of sebastian and ciel that is signed by you for as a gift for my wife

Hi! I’m sorry I’m not Yana Toboso!

for signed “gifts”, there’s only the framed illustrations from her exhibition, she doesnt give out autographs or signed art unless the company ask her to!

Anonymous: Hola! Sabes cuántos capítulos va a tener Book of Circus?

10 episodios

Anonymous: Sabes dónde puedo encontrar el blog de Yana Toboso "Devils 6th day" traducido al inglés? Me interesa leer sus posts pero no entiendo japonés y google traductor no ayuda demasiado :( Gracias

La verdad no tengo idea y no creo que haya, lo que se es que en blackbutler.net hay quienes han traducido ciertos posts pero no todos!

Anonymous: hi >_< i'm too scared to ask without anon mode on... do you know if Amiami have a store located in japan? thanks ^_^

Why? I dont bite, + I could answer in private if you ask me to!

for what I know they dont have a physical store!


Abe Noriyuki’ (~Book of Circus~ director) Birthday message & cake by Yana-sensei!

my-dark-crow-smiles said: I knew they would be older voiced. But Wendy’s is odd. The voice actress was in Kill La Kill too but I don’t think it fits Wendy…

I think they fit pretty well… never watch kill la kill so I cant compare voices.. 

sangrebelleza said: I’m glad that the voices fit who they actually are. Though can you imagine people who haven’t read the manga. hearing these kids with deep adult voices lol. Good job Anime.

Exactly why I said people could get the wrong idea >_>… that’s why I think many people freaked out when hearing them, they not only have a mature voice but they also talk like very old people, the way they referred to Sebastian as “boy”