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Yana Toboso scribbles (2014/4/25)

Kuroshitsuji egg hunt #2.

for those who cant find the Shinigami icons:

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    Ouju ga Gotoku
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    Sengoku Musou 4 ~Vocal & drama ~Ouka ranman~
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Ouju ga Gotoku by Ono Daisuke

Anonymous: Hi! First: Your blog is amazing! Thanks so much for keeping it updated all the time! My question is: Could you please post the icons from the easter egg hunt's first round? It seems you can only find 4 at the same time and since the shinigami ones are out now, I can't find Ciel, Soma, Agni and Aleistair... That would be awfully nice of you! ^_^


they are up now!!!!

Kuroshitsuji Easter Hunt #1 icons

shagmartin: Aye! Your blog is just utter perfection. I cannot believe I just discovered this blog today! It'd be great to see more Kuroshitsuji on my dash and your blog did just that. :D

Thank you very much! I’m glad you find me!!!!

please enjoy your stay!!!! w/love.

Anonymous: omg your kuro collection is just ... ah i can't, too much jealousy *faints* (ι´Д`)ノ is most of your stuff from japan?


all of my stuff is from Japan, minus the USA Manga & dvd boxset!!!!

Anonymous: hello :) do you know when the kuroshitsuji live action will be out on dvd with english subs??

The Japanese dvd/bluray will be release on June 4h

have no idea of when it’s going to have english subs!


Yes, I’m still f*cking mad about his hair!!! why GOD why???

I’ll spend the rest of my life thinking about why on earth the staff didnt do his hair like this for the movie!!!!!

he looks so pretty!!!!



Kuroshitsuji Gengaten ~Fukuoka~ Clear File  

Download : 2000x1453

  • scanned & Cleaned by Futom’s Candy!
  • please dont repost on weheartit, zerochan, etc.

While I was cleaning 2 days ago, I found a Halloween wig.. and I noticed how it resembles Beast’s hair so I tried some quick cosplay lol!

I dont cosplay so excuse my total foolishness! I used what I had in hand so… I dont have a red headband orz 

the wig is in a really bad shape too since it was in the closet with many many things over it!

You have no idea how big my boobs looked with that wonder bra (one with the super extra padding) I felt really weird hahaha!

I took 2 pics… please let me know what you think >0>

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Kuroshitsuji Gentanten Goods ~Osaka~  2014/4/23-5/12

  • Autograph Print - 50 pieces
  • 直筆サイン入り版画 限定50枚 
  • 40,000円
Kuroshitsuji Gentanten Goods ~Osaka~  2014/4/23-5/12
Autograph Print - 50 pieces
直筆サイン入り版画 限定70枚 

Kuroshitsuji Gentanten Goods ~Osaka~  2014/4/23-5/12

  • Autograph Print - 50 pieces
  • 直筆サイン入り版画 限定70枚 
  • 40,000円

Kuroshitsuji Gentanten Goods ~Osaka~  2014/4/23-5/12

  • Autograph Print - 30 pieces
  • 直筆サイン入り版画 限定70枚 
  • 75,000円