sajabri: Admiro la dedicación que tienes en este blog, todo está muy bien organizado :)... Muy bonito! graciiias!

Hola!!! Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!


Kuroshitsuji ~Animate clear sheet #3~

Scanned/Edit by Funtom’s Candy. Please credit if used!

yamienma0107: I was just gonna ask that where did you get all your sources to post from? :)

the kuroshitsuji website, Yana-sensei’s blog, anime news site, twitter.. etc.. 

Anonymous: Are you going to translate the circus extra story after you scan it?

Hi! sorry I wont because my Japanese sucks! There is already an English scanlation, please search on the main kuroshitsuji tag for it!

ahachune: Hello!^^ There is an extra story about "teeth" that goes after the entry of Ciel and Sebastian in the circus. You know in which volume it belongs? Thanks!

it’s an extra comic that comes with the ~Book of Circus~ limited edition Blu-ray/DVD vol.1

Anonymous: Do you happen to know where I can find the original scans of Sebastian drinking? Is it from a side story with dialogue or are they just off plot drawings?

I’m going to scan the extra chapter once my copy arrives!

eleganblack: Hey there! How've you been? Do you know if any info regarding Book of Murder have been leaked? Any trailers? We're nearing the end of BoC after all.

Hello! I’m fine, thanks!!!!!

There hasnt been any new announcement regarding ~Book of Murder~! 

lrbrz: What shopping services can I use to purchase off of aniplex Japan to get the limited edition DVDs? Or does it not matter? Thanks!

you can get the limited edition dvds on cdjapan, amiami, too! the only diference you wont get the special “present” by aniplex.


Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Limited Blu-ray/DVD Vol.1-3 Aniplex+ Tokuten B3 Posters

Anonymous: Hola ^_^ me gusta la pagina Funtoms candy ^_^ te quisiera conocer pero no se si tienes correo :W;

hmmmm…. no tienes cuenta en tumblr??? por que si tienes y estas como anonimo me es mas dificil publicar mi correo…..

Anonymous: Do you know which bank the kuroshitsuji visa card is through or is it just any visa credit card?

it’s only for Japanese Banks :/!

Anonymous: I was wondering if you could explain the details for the Visa x Kuroshitsuji promotion? I live in America and currently have a visa secured credit card through my bank, so is there any way I could participate?

The Visa card is a Japanese only promotion (like always)!

I wish I could participate as well.. the first card was more gorgeous than this one tho!

Anonymous: There's no kuroshitsuji in crunchyroll for half of the people. (sad) Does it have it in other regions?

I dont know for other regions, but we can watch it on Central & South America!

Anonymous: Sorry, I saw your poll and thought it was really good... Can you tell me how to decorate the poll?

you mean like the background colors and font colors?

on the site I use to made the poll, they have the options to choose. just try making one poll to see them!

queen-kirkland: Can you recommend some awesome kuroshitsuji blogs? ^^

Hello, I’m sorry I dont ususally follow kuroshitsuji blogs, so I have no idea which ones are good. there are many with roleplayers and stuff. I’m sorry!

Please contact people on the kuroshitsuji tag, they would know better!