~Book of Circus~ Bluray/DVD vol.3 extras preview

Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Kotobukiya ARTFX J 
Sebastian Michaelis teaser image

Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Kotobukiya ARTFX J 

Sebastian Michaelis teaser image

Anonymous: Is the Will + Grell extra card still available to buy on auction? How can I search for it? Thank you.

I have not seen it lately.. I’m still searching for vol.2’s Doll & Ciel card :/!


黒執事 特典

黒執事 特典 アニメイト

namiamagawa: Did you get your tickets for the Seiyuu event?

I did!!!! I dont which seats tho!!!!


Anonymous: When will black Butler book of circus,come out

what? it was out from July to September!

Anonymous: hola queria preguntar que son las tipo carpetitas rosa y la negra de tuichiban-Kuji , porque pedi una parecida y no se muy bien que es, gracias , perdona mi ignorancia jeje

Hola! son cubiertas para libros (book cover)!

Anonymous: what is this "bonus" that comes with the Ciel figure on the sites 'Amiami' and 'Kotobukiya'?

There isnt info on the amiami bonus. the kotobukiya bonus is the rubber strap:

pastelbutler: hi, do you know if there will be a way to watch the BOM OVA in America around the time it comes out in Japan?

I dont think it’s possible since it’s a movie screening, funimation licensed the ova but there’s no info of when they’ll stream or release it!

funtom-executive: When does the Sebastian phone jack come out? Or is it already? xD

November/December I think!

her-majestys-watchdog: Hello! I'm sure you get a lot of asks so i'm sorry for bothering you, but i've heard a few people say that Kuroshitsuji i meant to come out on the 20th this month? I was just wondering if you knew anything about that; as i'm not sure how true that rumour is. Don't worry if you don't, thanks! I hope you have a good weekend <3

GFantasy was out today!

Black Asylum, on the other hand hasnt inform when they’ll release the English scanlation!

pawn-and-sword: I'm not sure if you know the answer to this, but if not then maybe one of your followers will be able to help me out. I'm wondering if anyone knows who the voice actor for Adult Ciel was in the Ciel in Wonderland pt. 2 OVA? I can't find an actor listed for him in either the Japanese or the English.

The voice actor is Okitsu Kazuyuki, the same voice actor as Ciel’s papa Vincent Phantomhive!


Kuroshitsuji Twitter (2014/10/18)

keyhala: Aaaaah the Ciel figure is so pretty! Just ordered mine from CDJapan, thanks for providing the link!

You’re welcome!

thanks for supporting Kuroshitsuji!


Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ x Karaoke Tetsujin Collaboration 

From October 16th - December 12th