Anonymous: *GASP* tu vis en France?

sorry, I dont live in France! That was an anonymous submission!

Anonymous: do you have a facebook page?

No, I dont!


Hey ! Because I’m living in France I got the chance to get a Kuroshitsuji agenda for the year 2014-2015 ! I’m not trying to show off or anything but I just wanted to share it, with you, the Kuroshitsuji fans and I thought this blog was the best place to do it ! So here is a few pictures ;) !
Sorry for the bad quality !



Thank you very much for sharing this with us!

Funtom’s Candy 


Got a new header, what do you think?

midori-machi: Thank you for sharing all awesomeness of kuroshitsuji and yana's works. Your blog is beautiful :)

Thank you for visiting Funtom’s candy!!

OMG Your icon & name…… the icon tho, midorin baby *0*!


Limited & Exclusive 1/9 Sebastian Michaelis by Aniplex+

  • Reservation period: 9/12 - 10/34
  • Price: ¥9,000yen
  • Release date: March,2015
Anonymous: Hiya :D I was just wondering if you knew anything about the English dubbing of Book of Circus? Also your blog is hella awesome!☺️

There isnt any news about it yet, sorry!



Limited & Exclusive 1/9 Sebastian Michaelis by Aniplex+

Pre-orders starts on 9/12


Kuroshitsuji Twitter (2014/09/12) Illustration by Yana Toboso

I’m sorry, it totally slip off my mind that undertaker’s eye was shown in that chapter.

It was a mistake on my part, I got lots messages reminding me about it and I’m grateful for that but, some were very rude, please stop it, it was a mistake!

Anonymous: did they animate that last chapter of the circus arc with elizabeth and soma, and nina? (i'm asking 'cause i won't be able to see it soon!)! Did you like the episode by the way?

I dont think that chapter is consider part of th circus arc so no, they didnt animate it since it would feel off.

thenumberonesolitarycyclist: wait, they're only making three seasons of black butler?

Yes that’s right!

for now!

pastelbutler: okay so I saw in one of your answers that there were 2 OVA's coming up. what's the other one besides book of murder?

I’m sorry, I guess I confused you! 

I wrote 2 ovas, but I was referring to only book murder as it will be screened and home video release as 2 ovas!