ilovenioumasaharu: Hi! I saw your post about how to order in animate-onlineshop using FJ. Can you teach me how to PRE-ORDER as well? Thank you in advance!

To pre-order using FJ is the same as buying in-stock items, you just have to wait longer, once From Japan gets your items they will mail you!

mc-white14: I absolutely 💙💙💙💙 your blog. :) it keeps my love for Kuro alive and it's the most extensive and thorough and wonderful blog about it. :) thank you so much for all the work you do for it, it must take a lot of work. :) I just wanted to ask, are you going to upload the Book of Circus soundtrack when it comes out? I've been waiting for it ever since I watched the first episode. CX

Hi! Thank you very much for your nice message!

Yes I plan to, tho I know people will beat me to since I order it together with my Blu-ray and it will take me about a week and a half to get to my hands!

Anonymous: I'm a little confused ... did the final episode of Book of Circus already air? I've already seen tons of GIFs from it, but there's yet to be any actual sign of the episode anywhere online, with or without subs. Is it just from a preview? Is the episode actually airing next week?

Hi! No the final episode will air this Thursday 11th! Perhaps what you saw was only the episode preview!

soufrebi: Hello there, may I ask where did you buy the three Kuroshitsuji Animate clear sheets? Did you buy them via Animate? I didn't like how they pick one sheet randomly per purchase and not offer the whole set. Did you get those clear sheets through animate or somewhere else? Thank you!

Hi! I bought them as a set through Yahoo Japan Auctions!

Anonymous: Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for all that you do for this fandom😊 you are by far the best kuroshitsuji blog and you do such and amazing job! Thank you for existing!!😊👍☺️

Thank you very much for the message, it makes me very happy!

Anonymous: What is your opinion about including Grell in Book of Circus?. Personally, I think that there will be a confusion between the 1st appearance of Ronald and Grell's freedom from the Ship Voyage Arc.

Actually Ronald appear in the circus arc before the ship arc.. so no confusion there, about Grell, it was stated that the red-head was the one who ripped the souls of the circus members at the Phantomhive mansion, the anime crew just made it visually.

Anonymous: Hello! Maybe my message hadn't arrived to you, but, in any case, sorry for bothering you. You have an awesome blog, lovely and full of pretty news and art! By the way, could you post please a link to the english version of the book of circus extra? I really can't find it! Please and thank you <3
Anonymous: Hi i love your blog and kuroshitsuji, i have read the manga and seen the anime but one thing that i don't understand is the two ciel theory can you please explain!!!
Anonymous: You are such a nice person o(^▽^)o

Thanks ^0^!


Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Blu-ray Vol.1 inner Cover 

Cover: 1280 x1586 

  • Illustration: Shiba Minako
  • Scan/edits: Funtom’s Candy  Please credit if used!
yamienma0107: Do you know where I could buy the Funtom Rabbit from Ichiban Kuji? It looks like a white rabbit in a butler suit. I heard it got something to do with lottery and stuff but I heard they would start selling it this month. Thanks :)

It’s from a lottery and the only way to get it for people outside Japan is through Yahoo Auctions!


Yana’s Scribbles (2014/09/07)


~Book of Circus~ ep10 preview


Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Blu-ray Vol.1 Cover & Backcover

Cover: 1280 x1585 ◆ Backcover: 1280 x1585

  • Illustration: Yana Toboso
  • Scan/edits: Funtom’s Candy  Please credit if used!
yamienma0107: When will Book of Circus DVD II coming out?

On september 24th!