Anonymous: Do you know new anime Barakamon? Ono Daisuke will be its seyuu right? what do u thing abt that anime? will u watch it?? :3

Obviously I know hahahha… Actually I’ve read the manga and when it was announced I was happy but when husbando was announced as Seishu I cried!!!!!! 

The manga is pretty cute, so I the anime will be better !

nicolemacapanas06: Where can I watch the HD of Kuroshitsuji when it s already released?

As of now, the only place I know is…. I dont know about others yet!

Anonymous: Hiii :D Just wanted to ask about the opening and ending of book of circus, I just wanted to know where the expo they showed them was at and do you know if there will be another book of circus expo anywhere else. Also I absolutely love you blog!!! <3 just thank you!! :)

I think it was the expo from France.. I dont know much about expos I’m sorry I’m not of helped!

Anonymous: O.M.G! Do you know anything about fromjapan's comission fee is off with the items from animate at the moment yet??? What is the meaning of this? I really want to buy many things now but the money isn't ready yet, and I desperately want to know when this event will end T______T

I don’t know anything about that.. I havent check fromjapan… what event you mean?? the GFatansy o the kuroshitsuji books????

Free! Eternal Summer ED Policeman dance!  Sebastian Michaelis ver.

~I dont know if someone already did this..anyways enjoy!~ if some knows the tag for this meme, please let me know!
sorry but Free!!!!!!

Free! Eternal Summer ED Policeman dance!  Sebastian Michaelis ver.

~I dont know if someone already did this..anyways enjoy!~ if some knows the tag for this meme, please let me know!

sorry but Free!!!!!!

Anonymous: I keep seeing asks about shoes....what shoes are these people talking about? I'd like to take a look at them, ahaha
Anonymous: For someone who lives in Canada, do you know how I could go about ordering the shoes? I've never ordered something from Japan before and I don't want to end up losing my money.

If you dont have someone (a friend) who can help you order them, the only way is to using a shopping service.

I dont understand your view on “losing” money, you mean like paying and never receive the item? because if so then there’s nothing to be afraid of, if you decide to use Fromjapan, they are very professional and if you request you can add insurance to your package! 

Now that everyone is hype about the ED

did you guys know that a clean (non credit) version of the ED will come with the “Anime limited Edition” of the single?

Anonymous: So about the ending video, is it supposed to be the very ending, like the last episode ending, or is it just the closing song? I'm kinda a little confused and worried...

it’s the closing song & video!… mm can I know why you are worry???

Anonymous: Can I see the full pic of the cover good night, good bye? :)


Anonymous: Do you know if the website that is selling the Kuroshitsuji shoes ships worldwide? Also the shoes are limited edition right? When does the time to order them end? (Googles translations have been no help at all.)

they dont ship international! yes they are limited edition, the pre-order ends July 13th (Japan time)

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Good night, good bye by Terashima Takuma

from his single Star tail

Anonymous: I'm confused, you said there was no way to preorder the limited edition book of circus volume 1 bluray/dvd in usd and that you'd have to have it shipped to a friends house. But I went to amazon to preorder it and have it shipped to me, am I ordering the wrong thing?

I was referring to Aniplex online store, they dont ship international! that’s why I say I need to have it ship to my friend’s house (she lives in Japan) and I want to buy it from there because of I want the tokuten!

Amazon, does ship international I’ve bought several items from them before!! I’m sorry if I confused you! 

and now that you mention it… Amazon does convert the prices in USD when your checking out… I totally forgot!

Anonymous: Hey I want to say I love your blog! I have a question I was wondering if you could answer. Do you know anywhere, or if it's possible to preorder the Book of Circus special edition DVD with USD? All the places I've found only accept JPY. Please forgive me if you've already answered this or something similar!

Thank you so much!

I dont think there’s a place you can order using only USD… Your credit card company or bank should convert the prices automatically!

Anonymous: What do you think about the current arc in the manga and the newest chapter?

This arc is amazing, I was glad the servants had more spotlight, and Snake <3 such lovely!  I feel bad for Sieg and wolfram, they might have a cruel upcoming, Ciel doesnt joke when he needs to erase someone…

mm about last chapter…  all of that was needed, Ciel needs to get his feet on the ground already! I have lots of feelings and thoughts but somehow I cant put them into words sorry for not giving details!