Anonymous: I was looking at the Tokuten list but I couldn't tell if from Tsutaya you get the wall scroll from buying just the first blu ray or if you have to buy all of them to get it. And if it's just the first one, do you know what image the cloth tapestry will have or if its full size or a smaller one?

you have to buy all of the volumes!!

It hasnt been disclose what image will be, it’s a B3 size (13.90 x 19.69 inch)!

eruris: hi there do you know if daisuki will be streaming in australia? thank you for running this blog :)

Australia streaming start: 5:44am July 11 Sydney Time

Anonymous: are the links you posted for the streaming available outside japan and us? like in the phlippines, maybe? will stream in the philippines too!


Subtitles in ENG, ITA, European POR & SPA + Latin American POR & SPA

Streaming start:
Philippines Time: 7/11 3:44am
Indonesia Time: 7/11 2:44am
UK Time: 7/10 20:44pm
Italy: 7/10 21:44pm
Mexico/Peru Time: 7/10 14:44pm
Chile: 7/10 15:44pm

* US & Canada: Streaming of each episode is planned to start with one week delay. 


Streaming will start tonight at 4:44 JST
* For users from US and Canada: Streaming of each episode is planned to start with one week delay. Sorry and thank you for your understanding.

Local times:
Philippines Time: 7/11 3:44
Indonesia Time: 7/11 2:44
UK Time: 7/10 20:44
Mexico Time: 7/10 14:45

It will be also available on DAISUKI YouTube Channel!

I sooo wish Yana-sensei were into Free!, imagine her fanart like the ones from Kurobasu.. I’d love to see her Makoto.. I can dream right!

mew4-ever18: What does that mean with a "one week delay for users in US and Canada?" That means it starts next week for us instead of tomorrow?

Funimation will stream tomorrow for the US, not sure about Canada tho!

I think it’s because Funimation got the license, they have the priority stream for US & Canada over

I’m feeling all anxious….. 11 hours!!!!.. it’s not helping that Yana-sensei was twitting with SID.. or that I still get the fucking confuse about air times, and that I havent sleep more than 3 hours, and there’s a mess at home right now because only my mom got the idea of painting the house this week, and I still need things to arrange!

I’m sorry I didnt reply to asks… I’m not feeling physical nor mentally ok! 


Kuroshitsuji vol.19 sold 413,163 copies in it’s first 2 weeks!

DAISUKI.NET: The streaming starts for each episode with a one week delay for users from US and Canada.

lordstormtrooper said: Hi ! are you planning on posting the scans fot these ? They look so pretty !!! Love your blog.My favorite on tumblr.

Yes I do! Once I get them home!

Book of circus stream sites/air times info and what not **EDITED**


Air time:

  • Japan: 2:44am (July 11)

  • Argentina: 2:44pm (July 10th)

  • Western Australia: 1:44am (July 11th)

  • Germany: 7:44om (July 10th)

  • Canada: 1;44pm (July 10th)

  • Mexico -DF- 12:44pm (July 10th)

  • Russia: 9:44pm (July 10th)

  • UK: 6:44 (July 10th)

  • France: 7:44pm (July 10th)


  • Funimation site: Book of Circus will launch on Thursday 10th at 3:50 p.m. and stream weekly on Thursdays at 3:20 p.m. 
  • I cant access their website, so I cant help you regarding airing times, or how to watch it, or how to subscribe

  • if you cant access from the US.. I have no idea why but it should be up there sometime
  • The series will have English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian subtitle options, depending on the region.
  • The streams for both series will be available in North, Central, and South America; Asia (except Japan, China, and Korea); the Middle East; Europe (except German- and French-speaking countries); and Oceania.
  • I dont know at what time the stream will start on

do you know any other site who will stream ~Book of circus~?

Sorry I dont, I try to “avoid” giving out illegal sites because that doesnt help kuroshitsuji nor Yana-sensei.. so if your first choice funimation or Daisuki doesnt work, I’m sorry I cant help you looking for another site… (there’s always animetake to download tho)

sorry for the mistake!

I’m sorry I made a mistake on the air times >______> will try to update once I can!

once again sorry!

Kuroshitsuji ~WEB Radio of Circus~ 7/23 Guest: Terashima Takuma