OMG the OP’s anime cover is gorgeous


~Book of Circus~ OP「ENAMEL」Anime Cover by Yana Toboso 1000X1000


  2. 影絵 (Shadow)
  3. Monochrome no Kiss (Live from『SID 10th Anniversary TOUR 2013』)
  4. ENAMEL -Anime Ver.-
  5. Monochrome no Kiss -Anime Ver.-
hirakawa-sama: Prince Soma is such a giant dork omg

I know right.. he’s such a sweetie!!!

Anonymous: hiya, love your blog! I stumbled across an ask where someone wished to order the GFantasy magazine. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but for fans who live in the States, it is possible to get the magazine in the US. If you're lucky enough to live in a state with a Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore with worldwide locations, you can purchase them there, which is what I do. However, I'd recommend placing copies on hold, since they tend to sell out FAST whenever Kuroshitsuji is on the cover!

OMG Thank you.. I’ve been trying to remember that bookstore name for months.. I tried using them a long time ago but I had to subscribe because there isnt a physical store near TX! in the end I didnt subscribe because I’m only interested in the ones with kuroshitsuji in the cover!

Anonymous: Gosh you get so many questions being repeated, I really admire you patience to run this beautiful blog! I hope you're having a nice day <3

Thank you very much!

& still I ignore/delete 90% of them >_____>

Kuroshitsuji GFantasy Cover
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Anonymous: I'd like your thought on this thought of mine: Wouldn't it be worth waiting for Toboso-Sensei to delay her chapter a little bit for an amazing yet mind blowing (not to say they aren't right now, but hypothetical) one? Right now all her chapters are worth waiting for with how juicy and amazing they've been, but would waiting a bit longer for something with a little added extra special Toboso Flare be worth a wait? It's a thought, I love what she gives already. And your blog is just fab~ ~Tsuki~

I had to read this message like 3 time because I really didnt get at first… sorry sometimes my English is a mess… you mean like for example if she delays for say next chapter (#96) another month and include that chapter in the next next issue for a longer double chapter (#96&97) with some kind of extra stuff, it would be a lot more worthy all the waiting?

I’ve never thought about it but, waiting a whole month for one chapter is already unbearable tho, I dont know personally if I could handle delays unless it’s necessary (for example health issues)!

sorry I dont think I could be able to handle waiting more than a month for a chapter update, I’ve been doing this for years now so waiting longer is a no no!

beyondbirthday07: hola , disculpa una pregunta ¿ la bolsita con los slogan de sebastian y ciel vendran de regalo en la revista de este mes o tambien se tiene que pedir por pre-orden como los calcetines?

la clear pouch viene de regalo con la revista de este mes!

GFantasy 8月 (July Issue)

On the next GFantasy

Kuroshitsuji will be feature in Cover & Notebook as special appendix

~Application mail to order service~

  • Sebastian Earphone jack

GFantasy 08月号 (July issue) cover (1048x1500) *edited*

oh god, I just love the “Yes, my lord" from ENAMEL.. keeping the song on loop forever till I get the full version!

I’ve watched episode #2 two times already and in both I had this weird feeling at the end… then I got it, they didnt include the way snake usually speaks.. so they’re “saving” it till next episode :/

I hope he uses other tone of voice to speak on behalf of Wild & Goethe.. that would be cute!

Anonymous: hi~ do you know where i can download ENAMEL? i really love kuroshitsuji songs <3 thanks! ^^
follow-orders: Where did you find the pictures for Episode 3 of Book of Circus?

From the official site